3 Tips For Learning And Applying Video Color Correction

With the entertainment industry providing such compelling content and entrepreneurs having professional grade hardware and software at their fingertips, it is important to develop skills that can be useful. For instance, if you are interested in video editing, one of the best things you can do is learn the ropes of some color correction processes. Color correction will allow you to enhance your video projects to create any mood that you are going for. Read More 

2 Modern Artists Famous for Their Unique Religious Paintings

If you're a fan of modern art and you're interested in painters who examined spiritual and religious themes in their work, then this should be of interest to you. The two artists covered here were not known for their religious or spiritual work, yet they each produced singular works of religious significance. Here is brief overview of their significant spiritual masterpiece. Andy Warhol: The Last Supper The Big C Andy Warhol was famous beyond art circles. Read More 

Imortalizing A Moment, A Person, A Pet: How The Person Or Thing Most Precious To You Becomes A Cuddly Blanket

Cuddling and snuggling are two ways humans share an affectionate moment. It is also a comforting thing to snuggle under a blanket when you really need to escape the world for just a moment. If you want these moments to last almost indefinitely, you can imprint photo moments on a blanket. Here is how the person, thing or moment most precious to you becomes a cuddly blanket, under which you can snuggle all the time. Read More 

How To Choose The Right Photo For Your Online Pencil Sketch

An online pencil sketch is a computer generated image created from a photograph. Once converted and printed onto photograph paper, online pencil sketches can make unique gifts and beautiful wall hangings. Picking the right image to convert into an online pencil sketch can be a challenge. This is particularly true when converting a color photograph into an online image, because color photographs are so different from black and white pencil sketches. Read More 

How To Manage Your Pain During And After A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is typically a painful experience. While some people handle the pain by simply gritting their teeth, others enjoy the process more when they find ways to manage and minimize the pain. Below are some of the best methods for handling the pain from a tattoo.   Pain Management While Getting The Tattoo The following tips will help make the process of getting a tattoo as painless as possible. Read More