Imortalizing A Moment, A Person, A Pet: How The Person Or Thing Most Precious To You Becomes A Cuddly Blanket

Cuddling and snuggling are two ways humans share an affectionate moment. It is also a comforting thing to snuggle under a blanket when you really need to escape the world for just a moment. If you want these moments to last almost indefinitely, you can imprint photo moments on a blanket. Here is how the person, thing or moment most precious to you becomes a cuddly blanket, under which you can snuggle all the time.

Select Your Favorite Photo of Your Pet, Person or Event

The best photos are the ones that invoke powerful feelings or memories within you. Pick the photo that most imbues the happiest, most peaceful or most loving moment for you. The photo can be one you took yourself, or one that was taken by a professional photographer--any photo works, so long as it is not out of focus or damaged. This is the photo that will be transformed into your new blanket. 

Find a Photo Gifts Company That Offers Blankets as an Option

If you want to buy personalized photo blankets, you may need to look online for a photo gifts company. This is due to the fact that you would like some words, phrases or names imprinted on the blanket and not just your picture. If you only want your picture turned into a blanket, there are some big box stores and pharmacies that have photo departments wherein you can request a photo blanket gift. Submit your photo online in your order or in the envelope provided at a physical location. Be sure to check off the box on the order form for your blanket, or the photo gift company will have no idea why you are submitting a photo to them.

Your Photo Is Blown up, Inks and Dyes Are Matched, and a Special Machine Imprints the Blanket!

At the printing plant, your photo is blown up and cloth dyes are matched to the photo inks, color spot to color spot. A special machine is programmed with the image and its dye containers are filled with the pre-mixed dyes. The blanket is then stamped with these permanent inks, in color layers, until the photo is reproduced onto the blanket. Some photo gift companies may also have machines that weave colored threads into a blanket until the photo image is fully realized. Either way, the image you chose is permanent and immortalized in your latest snuggly treasure.