How To Manage Your Pain During And After A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is typically a painful experience. While some people handle the pain by simply gritting their teeth, others enjoy the process more when they find ways to manage and minimize the pain. Below are some of the best methods for handling the pain from a tattoo.  

Pain Management While Getting The Tattoo

The following tips will help make the process of getting a tattoo as painless as possible.

  • Pick the spot wisely. Some places on the body are more sensitive than others. Choosing a part of the body that is less sensitive and tougher can make the experience of getting a tattoo more bearable. Some of the most sensitive spots on the body include bony areas like the backs of the hands, tops of the feet and the center of the chest, as well as places with thin skin, like the inner arm. Some of the least painful places to get a tattoo include fatty areas like the tops of the thigh and the hips, as well as the outer shoulder.
  • Be sober. Drinking heavily before getting a tattoo may sound tempting, but being unsteady on your feet can make the process take longer, and alcohol is a blood thinner, which can cause you to bleed more.
  • Take acetaminophen. Acetaminophen helps you manage the pain in a way that's safer than alcohol. Don't take ibuprofen, because (like alcohol) it's a blood thinner.
  • Drink lots of water. Get hydrated the night before the process. Water makes your skin more supple and accepting of ink, which can make the process take less time.

Pain Management After the Tattoo

Many people don't expect it to hurt after they've gotten the tattoo, but it often does. To manage the pain, do the following:

  • Use a cold compress. A cold compress can help control the swelling and the pain. Never put a cold compress directly on the tattoo, because this can damage the skin. Instead, put the cold compress on top of the bandage.
  • Change the bandages daily. Changing the bandages daily can help prevent infection, which can speed the healing process.
  • Follow all care instructions from your tattoo artist. The tattoo artist in the parlor where you got your tattoo will know what you need to do to prevent infection and control the pain. Follow the instructions provided to you when you got the tattoo.

For more information about how you can reduce pain and make the experience of getting a tattoo more comfortable, talk to a reputable and skilled tattoo artist (such as Michael Perry Art) in your community.